What is covered in Cultural?


The Montessori Cultural curriculum combines the subjects of History, Geography, Science, the Arts and Music. The Cultural curriculum is designed to inspire children to explore their world. Children are taught about our solar system and the planets within it right down to the cultures within their own community and the parts of their own body. The scope within the cultural curriculum is huge and as Montessori guides help children follow their interests, the opportunities for discovery are endless. The cultural curriculum helps children discover their place in the world. Children explore life cycles of animals and plants and in many classrooms are responsible for caring for pets. They also begin to understand the difference between living and non-.living organisms.  When studying history, children investigate the passage of time and their own personal time line. Teachers immerse children in meaningful activities in which they use a calendar and explore the days of the week and seasons. Visual arts and music also play a key role in the Cultural curriculum. Children are taught specific crafts such as pottery and collage that allow them to create their own artistic expressions. Beautiful examples of famous artists works are displayed and children are exposed to a wide range of artistic styles.

Montessori believed that if children developed a sense of belonging and compassion for the world and the people within it peace would follow. 

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