Q; Bedroom & floor bed - until what age? Do you then transition into a toddler bed or regular size bed?


I am not certain there is one answer for this question.  When it comes to setting up your home, the traits of your family are unique from any other. Factors such as weather, safety, siblings, room sizes, the health of the child, diet, all would come into play when considering healthy sleep patterns.

Things you might consider when moving from a low bed to a toddler bed are suggested here only as a starting point:

  • Similar to a parent deciding to move a child from a cot to a toddler bed, are the child’s movements and emotional development in need of a higher bed? Safety must always come first
  • Has your child, having slept happily and moving to and fro from a low bed, ‘found the boundaries’ of his mattress and no longer moves from the mattress during their sleep?
  • Is your child at a physical stage of their development where the movement from the floor bed to the floor is not an appropriate physical challenge? Might his movement be clumsy and awkward and not support a refined movement more suitably found moving from a toddler bed?


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  • Rebecca Grugan
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