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Have you been searching the net trying to work out what Montessori is? How it benefits your child? Or even how you can implement the method into your own house?


Found it overwhelming?


There is a lot of information out there, different sites, differing opinions and ideas. It can become overwhelming. Instead of answering your questions, it may have you asking more and frustrating you when you cannot find the answer.


This happened to me.  I am a parent of a two year old who just over twelve months ago was handed a book by my next door neighbour – Montessori Madness.


This was my introduction to the amazingness of Montessori and after reading from cover to cover, it left me wanting more. Wanting this education for my son, for every child out there. I went home and I googled, and read thousands of different pages, blogs, forums, etc. and became increasingly aware I wasn’t the only parent feeling the way I was. Overwhelmed, confused, disappointed.


Disappointed that there wasn’t an easy way to get your head around Montessori. An easy way to give your child access to this incredible method of learning. I also learnt I wasn’t the only one frustrated with the contradicting opinions of vocal Montessorians, that these outspoken few were holding back a beautiful education method from becoming mainstream, by putting people in boxes and creating an ‘elitist’ mentality within the online community.


After looking at the options available around me it became evident there was a whole lot of people like me that weren’t having our questions answered. That were craving Montessori but were being left out in the dark. Nobody had made Montessori easy.


Noone was listening to the loud screams for help from us parents who wanted so badly to be given the information we needed to give our child the best start in life. And if they were listening, no one was doing anything about it.


So we did. We started I AM Montessori as a place for parents to be heard, for parents to learn all they need to know about Montessori and how it works, in a structure that doesn’t require a degree to decode the jargon and big words.


I AM Montessori was created to make Montessori easy for the rest of the world.

That is our goal, and we believe we have achieved this.


For an introductory price of $79 a year, you can access our incredible tool online and all in one place, as well as ask questions to qualified teachers, chat to other parents around the world and access free activities for your child from newborn to 6 years of age.


It’s a very small investment for a very large return – your child’s love for learning.


I AM Montessori ONLINE - coming soon!

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  • Rebecca Grugan
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  • Ruth Barker
    Ruth Barker

    Whilst I applaud your efforts of trying to make Montessori Mainstream, I don’t think putting others down who have studied very hard and tried very hard is going to achieve this. I actually find this blog post a little derogatory as I am sure many Montessori professionals would. I have worked very hard to bring Montessori to the masses in my articles in a very friendly and effective way – simplistically for parents. Montessori is far more than just introducing a set of materials to a child. If fact, this is secondary to the method. Montessori is about the natural development of the child, no matter what is in the environment. A lot of these saleable items, Montessori actually never had. These too are a manifestation of needing to make money from the philosophy and making it something that it is not. Again, I applaud what you are doing very much but please don’t put the rest of us down for our own efforts. Ru x

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