{MATERIALS} The Noun and Verb Introduction Solids (Grammar Symbols)


This picture represents the grammar symbols of the noun and the Verb. You will usually find this piece of material in a 3-6 room on the Language shelves.

The black pyramid stands for the Noun.  The pyramid is one of the first human structures, it is black, and this stands for carbon, which was believed to be the first mineral discovered by humans. 

Give your child the concepts of nouns by telling them it is the names of animals, places, persons and things. They can observe items in your home and place a black pyramid to show that they are nouns.

The Verb shape is that of the sun, which gives us life, red also symbolises life as in blood. The verb gives life to the sentence. You roll the red ball to show that it means action and movement. Say a sentence out loud and ask your child to tell you the word when you should roll the ball.


You can purchase this equipment online at: http://www.iammontessori.com.au/products/noun-and-verb-introduction-solids-with-tray

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  • Rebecca Grugan
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