The Queensland Government is wasting millions of taxpayer dollars trying to fix our failing education system. The answer they are looking for is over 100 years old.

A modern classroom for the modern world is a Montessori environment. 

There is NO homework, no NAPLAN, and no teacher standing in front of rows of desks.

The Montessori philosophy follows the child by allowing them the choice to choose their work in an environment prepared by their teacher, with a multi-age group of children, using materials backed by scientific observation.

And when you look deeper – there is something going on in our society that is screaming for this kind of change.

With Montessori childcare centres in Brisbane having three-year waiting lists, with a new Montessori centre opening up every month, parents want their kids in this type of care and they are willing to pay for it. They want to send their kids to a school that nurtures their child and has a holistic approach to education.

MASS PRODUCED education is no longer (though never was) an option. Education needs to be about meeting each child where they are. How do they expect to do this by forcing kids to learn the same thing at the same time as 30 others who are all at different points in their development?

You just have to see the results I AM Montessori are getting at their Yeronga premises with their Parent Child classes where over 100 families come through each week with children from 6 months to 6 years of age. Many of the families have been enrolled since the first ever term in January this year.

A number of Queensland Government schools have been using our Montessori materials in their classrooms with brilliant results and its proof that this approach can work for any child of any age.


I AM Montessori will be attending the Queensland Governments Education Accord Summit this week and we are looking forward to being a part of the 30 year plan for education in our state.


For more information, images or interviews please contact Rebecca Grugan on 0409 649 321 or email rebecca@iammontessori.com.au

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  • Rebecca Grugan
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