Myths about Montessori



 Myths in Montessori

Montessori has no structure/ too much structure

Montessori provides freedom of choice within a structured environment. Materials are presented, and structure is based on the child’s own interests and how long they require to complete an activity.

There is no discipline in Montessori

Teachers are the guides in Montessori education. Children have freedom within limits. There are three main rules in a Montessori environment

1.      You cannot harm yourself

2.     You cannot harm others

3.     You cannot harm the environment


Montessori children don’t play

It’s true that Maria Montessori believed that play is the work of the child. Montessori created activities and materials that children could engage with to further their development. Children weren’t given tokenistic and plastic tea sets, children made tea with real ceramic tea pot, mugs and tea leaves.


Montessori is just for the gifted children/children with Disabilities


Maria Montessori first started teaching children with learning difficulties and branched out to cater for all children, regardless of ability.



Montessori children won’t do well in mainstream schools


Children in a Montessori environment are taught independence and social skills which makes it easier to adapt to new environments and build relationships with peers. Children are exposed to life long and life wide learning allowing them to have a positive correlation between school and learning experiences.

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  • Rebecca Grugan
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