Yesterday Liam and I had a go at making pasta. I have had the machine for a while and was putting off making it as I was - worried about the mess, thought it was too difficult, too busy, its cheap enough to buy pasta, and every other excuse.

Anyway, we set it up, we did it and... IT WAS SOO MUCH FUN!!!

Not only for me to watch his little face light up but to see him get the cycle, for him to say 'I'm soo excited mummy, this is so much fun!'.

We used: 1 cup of '00' flour from Woolworths, 1 egg from our chickens and a sprinkle of salt...

We mixed it in a bowl and then placed it on the bench which was covered slightly in flour... We had to knead for about five minutes which Liam thought was super awesome! Somewhat like play dough... but it was real dough!

We then got to use the machine (you can buy it here) which was Liam's ultimate FUN moment of the day! He got to make it flat, and then got to make fettuccini and spaghetti.

We let it rest for 5 minutes and then cooked it up and ate it on its own... 'Thank you mumma, that was delicious!'.

Totally worth it and will be doing it regularly as nothing actually beats fresh pasta!


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  • Rebecca Grugan