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About me

I am a mother to one, who has begun my career in childcare after choosing not to return to work after the birth of my daughter.  I am currently working to attain a Diploma of Early Childhood Education, and I have completed specialist training in the Montessori philosophy. As a parent, I would describe myself as an attachment parent, and I believe that above all else, children should be treated with respect.  The Montessori philosophy aligns with my beliefs, both as a parent and a carer, and influences our way of life in general, as well as my operation of family day care.

About my home

Brassall Family Day Care

Our family home is very much a home; we are busy living in it, loving in it, learning in it, and laughing in it.  Please expect it to look like we’ve been busy, and trust that while there may be mess, it is most certainly clean.  Children will have access to our open plan living area, bedrooms for sleeping and changing, bathroom, and our large back deck.  The carefully designed environment will reflect the Montessori philosophy, inviting children to engage and learn.  We have a simple backyard, where the children will be invited to explore nature, and enjoy time with our dachshund, Lucy.  Lucy is very accustomed to being with small children.  Please rest assured that children will be supervised with her at all times.

What to expect each day

Each day we will loosely follow a routine, which includes:

  • Free Outside play
  • Free Inside play
  • Montessori Work Cycle
  • Rest or sleep periods
  • Meals (morning & afternoon tea of fruit & vegetables, plus lunch)

I use the term routine loosely, as the activities each day will be very much driven by the needs of the children. 


Babywearing, or the use of baby carriers, has, and continues to be an important part of my parenting.  This will become an important part of the way I care for your children too. 

Care includes

  • Nappies
  • Wipes
  • Sunscreen
  • Food
  • Linen & bedding

Brassall Montessori Family Day Care

I am happy to discuss the use of cloth nappies if you would prefer this to the use of disposables.  Food will include morning tea, lunch, and afternoon tea.  I ask that you send your child having had breakfast.  If this isn’t possible, please discuss this with me. Fresh, whole, healthy food is extremely important to me as a parent, and the menu in our home will reflect this, with a minimal consumption of any processed foods.  Please discuss any dietary preferences, intolerance, or allergies with me, so that I can ensure these are catered to. 

What you need to provide

  • Clothes
  • Hats
  • Milk
  • Drink bottle

I anticipate that we will get very messy during our learning, so we will need a few spare sets of clothes.  I am happy to keep a small stash of clothes here, which can be sent home each week/as required for laundering.  Any formula or milk will need to be supplied, along with any bottles, if required.  I need a sippy cup or drink bottle sent with each child for water.  Please also send any blankets, pillows, or comfort toys that your child likes to sleep/rest with.

Parent-Carer relationship

Family Day Care Ipswich

I need to have an open, honest, and collaborative relationship with parents.  This isn’t simply a babysitting service; this is an ongoing relationship between my family and yours.  I need parents to be invested in the learning and well being of their children, who are willing to work with me.

Six-week trial period

After your child’s initial six weeks enrolled at Bluebird, we will sit down to discuss whether I am able to meet the needs of your child, & your family.  At this point we will decide whether we will continue care.  It is vitally important to me that our care agreement suits you, your child, my family, and the other children in my care.  If there are any issues, I will endeavour to work with you to ensure that I can meet the needs of your child. 


Family Day Care Brisbane

Care will be a flat rate of $95 per day.  Fees are paid to I AM Montessori.  You will be eligible for childcare rebates in much the same way as you would be with a childcare centre.  This is arranged through I AM Montessori.  Fees are subject to increase each year.


Service will be offered from 7.30am to 5.30pm.  If you require care outside of these times I am happy to discuss it. 


In fairness to my family & the other children in my care, I ask that you do not bring your child if they are unwell.  If your child has noticeable symptoms of illness, such as a severe cough, mucous, fever, vomiting or diarrhea, they will not be accepted for care.  If your child wakes up in the morning & is simply not them self, & you think they may be unwell, I ask you to follow your instincts, & not to send them if you think they are sick.  It is unfair to expose other children to illness if your child is sick & contagious, and it is also difficult for me to give your child the extra care they will require when they are unwell.  Fees will remain payable if your child is absent due to illness or other reasons.

If my child is unwell & requires my full care, I will let families know as soon as possible that Bluebird will be closed for the day.  It would be ideal to have alternative arrangements in place if possible.  Bluebird is a sole-operated business, and as such, I am unable to care for your child should myself or my family fall ill. 

Where to from here

Montessori Family Day Care

If you are interested to enrol your child in Bluebird, please contact me on 0477 677 027 to arrange an interview, where we further discuss the needs of your little one, and how I might be able to meet them.