Convert to Montessori

Are you a current centre looking to convert to the montessori philosophy? We are experts in conversions, transforming centres to high quality montessori spaces. 

We work with the Approved Providers vision and the team to convert both the physical and psychological environments to allow for the montessori pedagogical principles to carry through the space, all hours of the day. We do not convert centres just to add three hour work cycles and some materials - montessori is a way of life and we believe the entire philosophy must be embedded within a centre for it to work.

Converting to montessori can assist in the viability of your centre, lift your team and community culture, help with utilisation and meeting the demand for montessori from parents in Australia!

Our specialist team can help you with everything you need!

Call us on 1300 342 204 to speak to one of our team members about how we can assist you!