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My vision for an inspirational, warm, joyful and educational space for young children is embedded in my belief that children come to me as confident and capable individuals with much to offer the world and the people they come into contact with.

Everton Hills Family Day Care
At “Mud & Montessori Family Day Care”, I believe in providing children and families an educational setting within my home which places priority on developing trust, respect and security for children and families based on individual requirements.

I believe, that children’s learning is a collaborative process in which children learn alongside other children and with supportive adult interactions. While celebrating differences and discovering similarities, children learn to value themselves, appreciate their peers, and develop meaningful and significant relationships with one another.

Montessori at Everton Hills
I believe in providing children with opportunities to make choices for themselves, to attempt tasks for themselves and to take on increasing responsibility as their sense of themselves as competent members of society grows. It is through children developing agency that they begin to become independent and confident in their own capabilities.

I have a strong belief in creating, alongside with children, an environment which encourages a sense of wonder and open ended enquiry. Children are encouraged to be active participants in the creation of their everyday environment and learning choices, be that exploring outside in the rain or deciding where to take a nap. For this to occur I believe the childcare setting should reflect the five principles of the Montessori prepared environment: beauty, order, reality, simplicity and accessibility.

Family Day Care Everton Hills
Arrangements for eating, drinking, sleeping, toileting and other routine parts of the day are flexible and always supported and guided by myself so that children’s choices are leading them toward self-belief and autonomy.

“Real stuff”! Cooking, gardening, and working with timber, tin and pipes are examples of experiences that provide children with opportunities to use real tools or utensils (with supervision of course). Mud, art experiences, building, climbing, feeding family pets and walks to the park, all, I believe, essential in promoting children’s independence, alongside interdependence enabling them to become active participants in their own learning as well as active and valued members of a group. Playing in the mud may seem simple at first, it is not only an enjoyable experience, but it is building the foundation for long term successful learning, positive self-esteem and future success.

Mud and Montessori
I aim to provide a space where children’s voices are visible, heard and their “work” is valued, a place that is responsive to individual needs and their changing nature.

I believe that the documentation of children’s work needs to be reflective of their current understandings, learning and ways of expression and this can only come about with a strong emphasis on Reflective Practice and by belonging to a Scheme that strives for excellence in leadership and service management supporting my personal goal to provide excellence in care and education.
“Play is the work of the child”. Maria Montessori