Resources for our Family Day Care Families

I AM Montessori Family Day Care Policies and Procedures 


Quality Area 1: Educational Program and Practice


Quality Area 2: Children’s Health and Safety


Quality Area 3: Pysical Environment


Quality Area 4: Staffing Arangements


Quality Area 5: Relationships with Children


Quality Area 6: Relationships with Children


Quality Area 7: Leadership and Service Management 


Forms for Families

Family Holiday Leave Form
Ceasing Care Form

Software & Finance Help for Families

Xplor Parent Training
Ezidebit Parent Setup

External Links for Families

Child Health

Staying Healthy in Childcare

What causes infection?

Exclusion periods 

Exclusion period explained

Health information in other languages

Sun smart


Child Safety

Child Restraints 

Kidsafe Queensland 

Safe sleeping 

Protecting children (child abuse) 

Dental hygiene

Drinks and food for healthy teeth 


Dental Hygeine 


Food safety

Child development support for parents 

Brisbane Health clinics 

Parent Education


Parent connect 

Being sustainable

The rights of the child