Family Day Care

I AM Montessori Family Day Care

We believe that the first six years of life are crucial in the development of the child. What happens in these years is critical to who that child will become later on in life.

We understand the reality of life for many families. Families need to work and child care is such a hard decision to make for most parents.  Gaining access to quality, affordable, professional care for your child is near impossible. Add low ratios, well-trained educators to the mix and your choice is reduced even further.

Our belief here at I AM Montessori is that a child needs to be cared for, nurtured and given access to an environment that allows for discovery and learning but also to an Educator who understands your family needs, your child’s needs and cares as much as you about the development of your child.

Care should be flexible and Family Day Care allows for government approved care to occur 24 hours a day, seven days a week in an approved Educators home. Whether it be all day, Before and After School Care, Vacation Care, Overnight and Weekend care, we have Educators who can meet your needs.

As a service provider, we aim to offer all of this and more. We strongly believe in Family Day Care, and even more so in the Montessori method. A century old method of education that has recently been dubbed ‘the future of education’.

A home environment, prepared the Montessori way is the ultimate care for children.

Whether you are looking to become an Educator or a place for your Child, we can help you here at I AM Montessori Family Day Care.

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