Family Day Care Educators FAQ

What are the requirements to become a Family Day Care Educator with I Am Montessori?
All Family Day Care Educators are required by law to have certain qualifications and certificates. You can refer to the National Quality Framework here for more information. As an I Am Montessori Educator, we require you to have additional support material which can be discussed with you after we have determined that you would be suitable.

We encourage educators from all walks of life and competency, and are happy to discuss and offer advice towards your I Am Montessori Educator journey.

Do I need to own my own home to become an Educator?
No, we have many educators who rent their property but we do require written approval from the land owner and we always complete a safety audit regardless of whether the property is owner-occupied or rented.

Can I look after my own children at the same time as running a Child Care facility?
Yes, one of the benefits of Family Day Care is being able to stay at home with your own child/ren.

How many children am I allow to care for?
By law, the maximum number of children in your care under school-age is four. If you are providing before and after school care or vacation care, you are able to have four under school-age with an extra three of school-age.

Do I need formal Montessori training?
No, however we do provide training for those who are wishing to explore Montessori in depth, and we also run free monthly personal development sessions for all of our Educators. 

What are the fees / costs involved?
There is a one off processing fee for each new Educator when coming on board to I Am Montessori. Ongoing fees also form part of being an I Am Montessori Educator, the ongoing fees are paid weekly and cover the family financial administration, the up-keep of files, as well as ongoing training and curriculum.

To make a further enquiry, please give us a call on 3700 4255 or complete our online enquiry form here.