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About Rebecca Wild

Hi, my name is Rebecca; however the children call me Miss Bec.  I am the owner and educator/teacher at Little Ones Early Learning.  I have been in the Family Day Care industry since 2006 and have always wanted to work with children and believe that working with their parents will provide them with the best possible start in life.  I love play-based hands-on learning and when it is done the right way, it helps children learn so much from the world around them.

Griffin Family Day care 

I am also an avid believer in life-long learning and do my very best to practice this through ongoing education, research and study.  I currently hold a Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care and am currently studying the Certificate in Modern Montessori 0-6.

My vision is to provide a high-quality, nurturing and safe environment for children filled with awe and wonder.  I believe that a healthy and balanced childhood includes risk and experimentation as well as mud, clay, sand, water and paint.

About the home

One of Maria Montessori’s principles for a prepared learning environment is beauty.  She states that Montessori environments should be beautiful.  It should invite the learner to come in and work. 

Our home is located in a quiet cul-de-sac in Griffin and includes:

  • a spacious learning environment purposefully designed for young children
  • an outdoor learning environment with natural and man-made resources and equipment to enhance each developmental phase
  • a wide range of Montessori and everyday learning resources, activities and experiences
  • a dedicated art studio
  • Our home is a safe environment for your child to learn and grow. It has undertaken and passed a scheme safety audit.

What to expect each day

Routine is important for children, it builds security – they know about their world and what happens next.  Our routine is flexible, allowing for children to make decisions on when they eat, play and learn.

 family day care griffin

Our routine looks like this:

7.30am                       doors open

8.15am - 9.10am       school run

9.10am – 2.15pm       day programme including:     

  • meals and rest opportunities
  • circle time and presentations
  • individual work
    • practical life
    • sensorial
    • language
    • mathematics
    • cultural
  • Yoga

2.15pm                       clean up and pack up ready for parent pick up

2.30pm                        close for the day


As the children and I undertake outings in the car, yearly checks are maintained on the vehicle to ensure it remains roadworthy.  Seat belts and car seats are also checked for appropriate installation ensuring children are in the appropriate restraints for their age and size.  Scheduled regular outings provide the children with opportunities to mix with other children and adults, which in turn helps with the development of their social skills. 

Some of our excursions may include:

  • strawberry farm
  • local parks
  • other Family Day Care homes – playgroup
  • Community Playgroup and local school
  • school events


Care Includes

The following items are supplied:

  • Nappies
  • wipes
  • sunscreen

What you need to provide

Each child will need to bring a bag with the following:

  • meals (morning tea and lunch)
  • water bottle
  • clothing – two sets of spare clothes
  • sun smart hat
  • appropriate shoes that children can manage to put on and take off with minimal assistance
  • bed sheets 

Parent-Carer Relationship

I believe continuous, honest, open, two way communication is vital for your child’s growth and development.  Little Ones Early Learning is a high-quality education facility and we need to work in conjunction with each other to ensure the best possible learning outcomes for your child.

little ones early learning

Ongoing care

To ensure all parties are happy with the care arrangement, it is important that we undertake regular meetings to ensure the care relationship is working for everyone.  These will be scheduled for the end of each term.


Fees are calculated on a set daily rate of $70.00 per day.

I Am Montessori charge a family levy of $1.50 per hour on top of daily rate.

A $50.00 environment fee is required as well as a bond two week full fees.

You may be eligible for childcare rebates such as Childcare Benefit Percent and Childcare Rebate.  This can be organised through I Am Montessori.


Our 3-6 year old programme is run alongside QLD state school terms. 

Term 1:      16 January – 31 March 2017

Term 2:      17 April – 23 June 2017

Term 3:      10 July – 15 September 2017

Term 4:      3 October – 15 December 2017

 Our hours of care are 7.30am – 2.30pm. 

Where to from here

The best way to know if Little Ones Early Learning is right for your family is to visit us and take a look around at our environment.  If you feel that we are right for your little one, please contact me on 0434 130 539 or to express an interest in our 3-6 year old programme.

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