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About Fili

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I am an Educator studying Certificate III in Children's Services. I have also finished Certificate in Montessori Basics with Montessori Training Australia.  I regularly attend professional trainings and conferences.

About the home

Little Bubba Montessori FDC is located in Kuraby. I provide different learning resources and activities for the children to choose. All learning resources and activities are designed to help them develop in their own time.

I offer a second language, and take children from 10 months and over.

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What to expect each day

Each day we will loosely follow a routine, which includes:

• Outside play or inside play (Children's choice)
• Morning tea
• Inside play
• Montessori Work Cycle
• Lunch 
• Rest or sleep time
• Afternoon tea
• Inside or outside play (Children's choice)

We will be having a flexible routine as each day will be driven by the needs of the children or follow their interest and to extend the ideas then It will lead us to having discussions etc.

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No excursion with me but you can join the monthly I AM Montessori planned excursions.

Care includes 
• Wipes
• Sunscreen
• Individual hand towels
• Linen

What you need to provide 

  • Spare clothes
  • Hats
  • Milk if required
  • Drink bottle 
  • Comforter for sleep time
  • Nappies
  • Meals

Parent-Carer relationship 

My commitment to you starts with your commitment to me. We need to have an open and honest communication. To thrive this communication, please feel free to share with me your concerns, problems and situations that may affect your child. I am providing a quality educational program inspired by Montessori method, not a babysitting. So I need parents who are willing to work with me.

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Ongoing care 
We can discuss anytime about my care and how the care affects to your child and your family. We can have discussion every month or every two months it depends on us. It is the most important to me that you and your family and children in my care are all happy. 

Care will be a flat rate of $87 per day. Fees are paid to I AM Montessori. You will be eligible for childcare rebates in much the same way as you would be with a childcare centre. This is arranged through I AM Montessori. Fees are subject to increase each year.

Service will be offered from 7:30am to 5:00pm. If you require care outside of these times I am more than happy to discuss it.

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Where to from here 

If you are interested to enrol your child in Little Bubba Montessori FDC, please contact me to arrange an interview, where we further discuss the needs of your child, and how I might be able to meet them.