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Let me start with where originally come from, South Africa.  I have lived in South Africa for 24 years and Moved to Australia with my Husband 8 years ago.  My husband Izak and I have been married for 9 years.  I finished year 12 in 2002 in a little town called Brits, I then continued to study at TUT and finished my Diploma in Office Administration and Technology, during my studies I worked for a Lawyer, a Magazine and even did some High School teaching before we relocated to Australia.  After we relocated we lived in the Sunshine Coast for a while and then moved to Mackay, we lived in Mackay for 5 years before coming to North Lakes when I was 6 months pregnant with my now 2-year-old little girl.  I have always loved and adored children, and they have always loved me, becoming an Early Childhood Educator has been one of the best and most rewarding decisions I could’ve made.  I started my Family Day care in June 2014 and have not looked back since.  I started studying for my Diploma in Early Childhood and Education and completed my studies earlier this year. I have grown so much since starting my career in Early Childhood and have enjoyed every second of it, the children show me something new every day and they are amazing little humans that just won’t stop wanting to learn and grow every second of every day.  I feel so privileged to be a part of their lives and to share all these special moments and milestones with each and every child that attends my day care.

I am very much focused on the development and learning skills for children.  I recently joined I Am Montessori as I believe the way children play and learn with the Montessori method is the way I would like the children in my service to play and learn. I have strong morals and values, which I believe is a good foundation for the children in my service. I have been nominated this year for the 2016 National Early Years Educator of the Year Awards, Wow what a privilege, it would not be possible without the amazing little humans I have in my care.  I am always expanding on myself in the profession, doing short courses and workshops wherever possible. 

I have done the following short courses and have certificates for: separation anxiety, communicating through music, Creative Approaches on hot to Grow the Mind and heal the Heart, creating inspirational outdoor play spaces and activities, sensory play and the list continues to grow.

I am up to date with Child Protection Training, First Aid, Fire and Emergency Response Training and have a current valid blue card.

About the home
Our family home is a place where we live, love, laugh, play and make memories in. Children in care feel very much at home here and  have access to the playroom, guest bathroom, kitchen and open plan living area, they also have access to the outside area where we play most mornings, it is equipped with a sandpit, a mud kitchen, recycled materials like old pots and pans for a music wall and black boards, the children also have a herb and vegetable garden attached to the sandpit, and they are free to explore the garden while learning respect for nature and all it has to offer. While we do not have any animals we do appreciate the birds in the garden and often observe other animals like lizards and ants. The carefully designed environment will reflect the Montessori philosophy, inviting children to engage and learn.  I only accept children in my care and home who is up to date with their vaccinations.

What to expect each day

Each day is a different adventure, and we follow a routine of outside play, Excursions to the park, inside play, Montessori work cycles, rest or sleep periods and Meals.
Each day is very much driven by the needs of the children in care and we do not follow a fixed routine. We have a rough routine of eating, resting and Montessori work cycles.  We engage in lots of sensory and messy play, we learn while we are playing, and having fun being children.  We have a weekly playgroup from another Montessori Educator that come over and during those days we have double the fun and learning experiences that ranges from yoga, baking mud cakes in the sand, marching up and down the hallway to songs, blowing bubbles and dressing up just because we can.

At this stage we walk to the park, I am in the process of getting my vehicle registered and then we will go on excursions to the Library, and other wonderful places and playgroups in the area.

Care includes

  • A fun and safe place to grow, learn and being comfortable enough to be confident in ourselves.
  • Color coded face washer and Water Bottle
  • Wipes, non-fragranced
  • Nude and nutritious food, attracts extra fees
  • Sunscreen
  • End of year/care portfolio
  • KeptMe online documentation
  • Private Facebook group for real time updates.

I supply a drink bottle and face washer that is color coded to your sign in folder, these items will remain here. 

I will follow your home routine as best as I can with meal times and rest times for those requiring it.
I am happy to provide food at an additional cost for each meal. By following the Get Up & Grow:  Healthy Eating and Physical Activity for Early Childhood guidelines I aim to:

  • Ensure the nutritional needs of all children are met, either through food provided by Me or food brought from home.  This includes breast milk and infant formula as appropriate.
  • Provide relaxed, social mealtime environments where children can try new food and enjoy eating.
  • Ensure, in all possible ways, that food is safe for children to eat.
  • We are not a nut, dairy or other allergy free service, however I am dietary and intolerance trained.
  • The children do use crockery and child sized cutlery and pairing knives (age appropriate) and glasses at meal times. They also help to prepare meals and snacks and take age appropriate responsibility of cleaning up and washing dishes.

What you need to provide

  • Season appropriate spare clothes x 2 sets in bag
  • Season appropriate emergency spare clothes 1x set kept on premises
  • Hats, no neck ties or straps
  • Season appropriate shoes
  • Bag to carry belongings in, not a plastic bag
  • Lunch box or bag, not a plastic bag
  • Nude and nutritious lunch, if you are supplying
  • 6 nappies, if required and bulk can be kept on premises
  • Fitted sheet x 1
  • Formula / Milk

As we engage in loads of sensory and messy play, getting messing is part of our day and season appropriate clothes is a necessity. Please do not send good clothes as mentioned above we do love our messy play. I am happy to keep a small stash of clothes here, which can be sent home each week/as required for laundering. Any formula or milk will need to be supplied, along with any bottles, if required. I need you to supply a fitted sheet plus any blankets or pillows your child likes to sleep/rest with. These will stay here for the duration of care, and will be laundered here weekly.

Parent-Carer relationship
I have an open, honest, and collaborative relationships with all my parents. Our relationship will be wone of the most important ones regarding your child. This isn’t simply a babysitting service; this is an ongoing relationship between my family and yours. It will be the understanding with all parties involved that you are their parent, with their best interest and heart and I am their Educator with the best intentions for them. I take my role in your child’s life very seriously and would like to work collaboratively with you and other important people in their life. I have a secret Facebook page where I upload photos of our day this page is available for the family members only, this also allows family members to collaborate and give input during the day on all the activities we did. 

Ongoing care
I offer a two week trail, as it is important that the child feels safe an happy in my environment.  We will meet and discuss the progress of the child during those two weeks and based on that we can discuss ongoing care.  

Fees range from $9.75 - $15 per hour with a minimum of 7 hours per day. I do not charge a daily fee like most Montessori Educators.  Fees are paid to I AM Montessori. You will be eligible for childcare rebates in much the same way as you would be with a childcare centre. This is arranged through I AM Montessori. Fees are subject to increase each year.

Service will be offered from 8am to 5.30pm. If you require care outside of these times I am happy to discuss it.

Where to from here
If you are interested in more information about Belly Laughs FDC, please contact me through my Facebook page to arrange an interview at my home in Mango Hill.