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About Heather Miller

My parenting journey led me to discover the beautiful Montessori approach to learning and I quickly realised I had instinctively been applying the philosophies of self-guided learning and respectful communication with my own children at home.  

My professional background is in Marketing and Communications, however after spending the past few years at home, I have discovered that my passion lies in working and studying in the space of early childhood education, with an emphasis on the Montessori approach... hence my decision to open a family daycare service through I AM Montessori.

My personal approach to parenting is one that is centred around providing a positive, engaging, nurturing, calm and happy environment for my own children... and I will provide the same level of care for any child in my home.

About the home
Our family home is very much a home; we are busy living in it, loving in it, learning in it, and laughing in it. Please expect it to look like we’ve been busy, and trust that while there may be mess, it is most certainly clean. 

Children will have access to our backyard; back deck and the adjoining bedroom, which will be used for sleeping and quiet times.  Our backyard is full of fun and messy opportunities for children to explore, play and learn; such as the sandpit, rock pit, chicken run, vegetable garden and more.

We do craft and painting in the shaded area under our deck and the deck is used for lessons and work-cycles.

What to expect each day
Each day we will loosely follow a routine, which includes:

• Outside play
• Inside play
• Montessori Work Cycle
• Rest or sleep periods
• Meals

I use the term routine loosely, as the activities each day will be very much driven by the needs of the children.

Care includes
• Wipes
• Sunscreen

What you need to provide

• Nappies

• Spare clothes and hat

• Drink bottle or cup

• Morning tea + lunch + afternoon tea
• Linen (cot sheet set, plus any pillow and/or blankets your child likes to sleep with)

Parent-Carer relationship

I need to have an open, honest, and collaborative relationship with parents. This isn’t simply a babysitting service; this is an ongoing relationship between my family and yours. I need parents to be invested in the learning and well-being of their children, who are willing to work with me.

Ongoing care

I ask that we sit down together six weeks after your child commences care, and again after 12 weeks, to discuss how the care relationship is working for my family and yours. It’s vitally important to me that everyone is happy. 

Service Hours and Fees

Tuesday and Thursday from 8:30am to 4:30pm.  Care will be $88 per day. 

Wednesday 9:00am and 1:00pm.  This day is offered on a casual basis.  Fees are $25 per hour, with a minimum of 2 hours and subject to availability.  My goal here is to provide a quality daycare service for parents who don't require a regular care but do at times need to attend appointments, study commitments or other adhoc engagements.  Prior enrolment with I AM Montessori and at least 24-hours notice is required.

All fees are payable to I AM Montessori and are subject to an annual increase.

Service Closures

My service operates during the Queensland school term and generally half of each school holiday period (I am open 46 weeks per year).    


The standard CCR and CCB rates apply to most families.  Please discuss your individual circumstances with the I AM Montessori team.

Where to from here

If you feel Mayfield Montessori might fit the needs of your family, please contact me on 0433 773 424.