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About Susie Willett

After having my son in 2009 and discovering there was a severe industry shortage for quality childcare services in my area, I opened my doors in February 2012 as Susie’s Family Day Care. Late 2014, while undertaking personal development studies, I was introduced to the Montessori method and I knew instantly that this was what I wanted to offer to families and include in my service. In July 2015 I joined the IAM Montessori FDC Scheme and rebranded by daycare to become Early Years Montessori.

I have over 30 years’ experience working with children, several years of which have been involved in raising my own.  The services I provide include daycare (for preschool aged children), babysitting, evening care and tutoring for school aged children.   As an approved and registered educator, I hold Certificate 3 in Child Services.  I also have an Associate Diploma of Business (Office Administration) and a Certificate in Montessori basics.  I am currently working towards a Diploma of Early Childhood Education. I regularly undertake training that’s specific to the Montessori philosophy, as well as the family daycare industry. 

About the home

Our large purpose built backyard and play area is freely accessible throughout the day, and has many activities for the children to explore.  While our large oval trampoline is a favorite, children also have fun with the swings, slides, climbing frames and sandpit.  We have a mud kitchen, rockery and weighing station, digging corner, bike track, and an outdoor arts area.  We have water tables for water play, totem tennis for the older kids, and a cubby house with supervised woodwork.  Our numerous garden beds provide great opportunities for children to learn about planting crops, garden maintenance and harvest, with many hands-on experiences being made available.  We explore and taste some of the herbs, fruits and vegetables that we pick, and also share them with our families.  Our worm farm is also checked weekly, which offers opportunity for children to learn about the sustainable practice of recycling food scraps and the making of worm-casting compost.  Our backyard will be expanding further in the coming years to include a tree house and rock climbing wall, outdoor music corner and some chickens.The lower section of our split-level family home has been specifically allocated to cater for my daycare service. The well-lit, ventilated and spacious room provides children of all age groups the opportunity to work together or independently, with specific zones allocated to the different areas of Montessori learning and play.  An upstairs bedroom has been specifically allocated for daycare use, offering a range of cots and toddler beds. 

What to expect each day
While we have a daily routine that I like to follow, I offer a structured yet flexible approach to each day as activities are often driven by the needs of the children.  Young children in particular will not be able to spend long periods of time in a Montessori work cycle, whereas older children can.  Each day is different, and I allow for that.  Overall, our day usually includes lots of outside and inside play, a Montessori work cycle, time for rest or sleep, bathroom visits and nappy changes, hygiene awareness with hand washing and teeth brushing and time for meals and socialising. 

What you need to provide
• Clothes
• Nappies
• Wipes
• Hats
• Drink bottle or cup
• Food (morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea)
• Milk, if required

Providing spare sets of clothing for your child is always appreciated, especially as they are more than likely to get themselves dirty or wet through play.  I have spare hats and drink bottles if you forget to bring your own.  Sunscreen, hand towels, bedsheets and blankets are provided.  All food and drink related containers need to be labelled!  A microwave is available for reheating lunchbox items.

Parent-Carer relationship
I strive to develop a partnership relationship with all of the families in my care.  Informal chats, the sharing of developmental information about your child and joint decision making in relation to goals for your child are all valued and encouraged.  While I offer babysitting as part of my services, my daycare is not a babysitting service – it’s a professional early childhood educational program which I use to help guide your child as they explore and discover the world around them.  I offer my services to you as an educator, and I want to work with you as an extension of your family.  For our relationship to work, you need to be invested in the learning and wellbeing of your child just as much as I am.  Your open, honest and collaborative relationship is not only important for a working relationship between yourself and me, but this will also help your child to feel safe, secure, welcomed and loved; something we all want our children to experience.

Ongoing care
Approximately six weeks after your child commences care, and again after 12 weeks, I’d like to have a sit down discussion to discuss how the care relationship is working for my family and yours. It’s vitally important to me that everyone is happy. 

Care will be a flat rate of $105.03 per day. Fees are paid to I AM Montessori. You will be eligible for childcare rebates in much the same way as you would be with a childcare centre. This is arranged through I AM Montessori. Fees are subject to increase each year.

Service will be offered from 8.00am to 5.00pm.

Where to from here
If you would like to enquire about enrolling your child into Early Years Montessori, please contact me on 0407 221 012 to arrange a site visit and informal interview.