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About Tee

Where to start? My history is who I am today, some boring and some hair raising.

 After graduating High School in 2002 I enlisted in the Royal Australian Navy as an Information Systems Sailor, where I made lifelong friendships and learnt the true meaning of Honour, Honesty, Courage, Integrity and Loyalty. After sustaining an injury that would keep me from going to sea, I discharged from the Navy and took on a Medical Receptionist role at a rural Veterinary Clinic where I later expanded my skills and became a Veterinary Nurse. I was soon appointed head of surgery and practice manager at another rural clinic and assisted in major orthopaedic surgery.  My zest for traveling saw me venture around Australia and Abroad, learning and living a culturally diverse life, I had dappled in early years childcare and Nanning.  I settled in Queensland with my friend and soulmate from high school and we later married. My career took me back to the Veterinary world and back into a General Practice, although orthopaedic surgery and animal wellness was high on my agenda. After taking on the new role of motherhood of a wonderful bouncing boy- wow, uncharted adventure, I was presented with an amazing opportunity to work as a Specialist Veterinary Nurse in the Dermatology department of Queensland Veterinary Specialist. Here I worked under one of the most prestigious Veterinary Dermatologist in Australia, if not the world.

My little family then grew with the arrival of a tiny daughter and it was here that I came to my crossroads that I had been denying since the birth of our son: continue Nursing, possibly go back to University and become a Veterinarian or take a turn and head to Early Years Education and Special Needs Education. My little family turned with me and we set up a Family Daycare, where I have been since 2013.

Finding my place in this new and exciting world of Early Years Education has given me some amazing little friends and is guiding me down the path of The Montessori Method and Special Needs Education where I am now studying hard at.

I have recently been nominated for the 2016 National Early Years Educator of the Year; however I am indebted to my little friends for challenging me to become the Educator that they need me to be, each day I am expanding on myself in the profession, lifestyle and of course with my own children.   .

About the home

Our home is a living, breathing beehive of excitement and adventure. We are all equal members and we all contribute to home life and are inspired by the Montessori Method in our daily life and routines.

Our home is also a ‘home sweet second home’ for the children who enter in care with me and my family. It is open planned living with a designated Montessori learning through play space that is over looked by the kitchen. We laugh, we play, we learn and we teach each other in all manners of ‘the important stuff’. We embrace silly fun and take childhood very seriously by getting messy with our friends and stopping to watch the birds in the trees that over hangs our garden. We embrace the amazing world of loose parts both inside and out, we tend to veggie and flower patches together and dance on a stage and create in the double sandpit. 

What to expect each day

The unexpected!

Our daily adventures will cover so many important areas for a fruitful childhood with that educational stuff disguised as fun, messy and adaptable play for each child and situation.

We have a rough routine with times of eating, resting and Montessori work cycles.

We also love getting out into our community and experiencing bush kindy on our walk to Danzy Buchanan Park, we thoroughly enjoy the endless possibilities of the North Lakes Library and of course we spend a morning at another Montessori Educators home for playgroup where the activities can range from yoga to becoming dinosaurs and stomping through the garden chasing giant bubble.  Dressing up for bookweek and creating healthy snacks to share with the extended group of friends

We are known for getting out into the wider community for excursions to the Burpengary Fire Station, UnderWater World Sea Life Aquarium at Mooloolaba, The Caboolture Historical Village and wherever our monthly themes may take us. The adventures are endless and a must to be a Tot at Tee’s Tiny Tots.

The most important thing regarding excursions is the safety of all the children and this is never taken lightly. Our excursions will be based on the children in care and how the excursion will impact on them.

I use my family car for excursions which is approved, registered and well maintained in all areas of safety. The car seats are all age appropriate and regulations followed in transportation and items required.

All excursions are discussed with enrolled families before being deemed suitable for certain days and children. All concerns are evaluated and risk assessed. All excursions will have a learning benefit for reach child attending and will be used as an extension on from the monthly theme, children’s interest and age appropriate.

Care includes
• a fun and safe place to grow and learn
• Wipes, hypoallergenic
• Sunscreen
• Nude and nutritious food, attracts extra fees

  • Disposable nappies, attracts extra fees
    • Linen
  • Twice a week shared morning tea of fruit and yogurt
  • colour coded face washer and drink bottle
  • End of year/care portfolio
  • Keptme online documentation
  • Private Facebook group for real time updates

 I will supply a drink bottle and face washer that is colour coded to your sign in folder and these items will remain here for the year or until care is ceased (whichever comes first).

I will follow your home routine as best as I can with meal times and rest times for those requiring it.

If your child has an allergy to the items that I supply, then you will need to supply the alternative and amble notice given when more are required. These may include, but not limited to: sunscreen, hand wash, nappy wipes and yogurt.

We are not a nut, dairy or other allergy free service, however I am dietary and intolerance trained. We are a breastfeeding accepting service and will offer a private room for this need or a comfy chair in our general space, water or a cuppa.

The children do use crockery and child sized cutlery and pairing knives (age appropriate) and glasses at meal times. They also help to prepare meals and snacks and take age appropriate responsibility of cleaning up and washing dishes.

What you need to provide
• Season appropriate spare clothes x 2 sets in bag

  • Season appropriate emergency spare clothes 1x set kept on premises
    • Hats, no neck ties or straps
    • Season appropriate shoes
  • Bag to carry belongings in, not a plastic bag
  • Lunch box or bag, not a plastic bag
  • Nude and nutritious lunch, if you are supplying
  • 6 nappies, if required and bulk can be kept on premises

We get messy and love it, it is such an important aspect of a child’s life and a necessary one to be able to make a mess and get messy, please do not send ‘good’ clothes to care- they will have irreversible fun in them.

Parent-Carer relationship

Our parent/educator relationship will be one of the most important ones regarding your child and my little friend. It is to be respected by all parties involved and an understanding that you are their parent, with best intentions for them and I am their Early Years Educator with best intentions for them. This relationship should be met with open and honest communication and one that also respects that your place of childcare and learning in mine and my family’s home.

I take my role in your child’s life very seriously and want to work collaboratively with you and other important people in their life to help give them the best start possible.

Ongoing care
Once we enter into a care and learning contract through the Scheme, I will conduct an age appropriate Developmental Check List for your child within the first 2 months of care, I encourage parents to also answer the question and then discuss areas of focus, often these differ between parents and the Educator. A care and learning program is then devised through this and revisited every 3-6 months depending on the child’s age and areas of focus.

There are not right or wrong answers, only open and honest ones. This is to help touch base with the parents regularly and ensure that the care and education the child is receiving is appropriate and on track for the individual, it is not a test.

Unlike most Montessori Educators, I charge per hour not a daily fee: $9 to $15 per hour with a minimum of a two day placement and a minimum of seven booked hours a day. Additional charges can include, but not limited to: transportation to and from home or school, meals and nappies (please see my fee schedule for further details)


Standard hours of operation are 7am to 6pm, Monday to Friday.

However I am negotiable on these hours provided it can be compatible to my family’s routine of school and extra-curricular activities.

Where to from here
If you could like further information on my service: Tee’s Tiny Tots Montessori Family Daycare, please contact me through my Facebook page (which has daily updates, photos and videos) or please phone me on 07 3886 4952.

Further to that, please note that my interviews for placement are conducted at my home in North Lakes. The interview is conducted as a playdate and the child must attend to be eligible to for placement, this is to see how the child responds to my home environment, the other children and of course, myself. Please come armed with questions, a hat and morning/afternoon tea for you and your child. 

I look forward to meeting you and possibly making a new little friend.