Primary School Tutoring

Ever wanted a primary school tutoring service in a Montessori education environment?

Well now you can, as I AM Montessori becomes the first centre to offer after school MONTESSORI tutoring services for MAINSTREAM Primary School children.

Montessori education is not always accessible for many, and children have to attend a mainstream school, a school that makes them bring homework, home.

Well now your child can fall in love with learning by attending our Montessori Tutoring sessions after school with their homework and use our unique materials to translate their work in whatever way they need to.

Our teachers are qualified and understand the Montessori materials and philosophy.

Parent and Child Sessions (class of up to 5 children):
• Half Hour - $20

One on One Session:
• Half Hour - $35
• Full  Hour - $60

Sibling sessions:
•Half Hour - $25 per child
•Full Hour - $50 per child

Tutoring sessions are held Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and are available at the following times:






Give your child a chance to learn how to problem solve and learn in a way that suits their needs, personality and passion.

Call us on 0409 649 321 to discuss your child's needs.